Haven Ports Yacht Club

Members and visitors


HPYC is a private members' club (i.e. not open to the general public) but visiting yachtsmen are always made welcome. Please introduce yourselves at the bar and sign the visitors' book. Bar staff will be happy to introduce you to an officer or committee member if one is available. A suggestion box is also provided for any comments you may wish to make.

The club operates independently within Suffolk Yacht Harbour. Berthing or boatyard enquiries must be arranged  with the harbour office - the clubhouse staff are not able to help with such matters. Nevertheless, almost all yachting requirements can be met on site - see the SYH website for details.


Like any club, HPYC is governed by rules. There are also a few not very onerous by-laws, with which both members and visitors are expected to comply. Members receive an annual handbook containing these and other useful information including social, cruising and racing programmes, details of officers and committees, and a directory of members' names and boats. Members are encouraged to follow club flag etiquette.


To apply for membership, download our application form. Please print it (A4, two sides - front and back), complete it according to the guidance notes included, and send by post, with your cheque for the full amount payable, to the Honorary Secretary at the address given.

Applications must be displayed in the club for at least seven days before consideration, but once payment has been received applicants are welcome to use the club as temporary members while the application is pending. Payment will be refunded in full should the application be withdrawn or membership not be granted.

Special (different) forms are needed for independent junior or cadet members (juveniles whose parents are not club members), or to add additional family members to an existing single or family membership. Please contact the secretary's office for more details.