Haven Ports Yacht Club

East Coast Championship 2019

Documents and Information will be added here when available.

9/05/19 - Revised SI's Issued

2/05/19 - Entries have flooded in recently - very many thanks - an Entry List is maintained on the National Squib Association facebook page again.

23/04/19 - The standard entry deadline of 1st May is fast approaching so enter SOON! After that entries will only be taken with special permission and the increased fee. HPYC Squib "Dash" was representing the Club at the Waldringfield Easter Egg over the weekend and did quite well, indeed the top three from this event have entered the Championship so hot competition awaits you.

22/04/19 - It was hoped to include accomodation details on this page but they can be found on the event page created on the National Squib Association page on Facebook.

29/03/19 - The serious contenders from HPYC are attending the Broadland Regatta for the next few days to gain some pace and experience for the forthcoming championships. Noodle, Pops and Dash are flying the flag.

15/03/19 - Requests to charter are being made. The suggestion is that if you need a boat, or indeed have one to offer to charter, that you coordinated through squibs@hpyc.com 

13/03/19 - SI's added. This is an early version 1. There may be ammedments which will be posted above.

13/03/19 - NOR added

04/02/19 - Entry form added.

01/02/19 - East have kindly offered to loan out three boats for the event. John Maxwell is the man to contact or perhaps squibs@hpyc.com  Please note that a donation to East funds would be expected. It would be then down to the loanee to ensure that the boat is class legal.