Haven Ports Yacht Club

Notification of cancellation of planned Social events 2020

Social activities 2020


We have been looking at what social events are possible with The current Covid-19 situation. As you will have seen on the Lightship we have tried to be as responsible as we can to safeguard the safety of our membership, and we hope that you all appreciate that everyone has a role to play in this endeavour with regard to social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.  We have come to the conclusion that putting the safety of our membership first will mean that our normal annual events, the Family Fun day, Autumn fair and the Dinner Dance in January 2021 will not take place this year.

We have tried to work out a way to hold these events but social isolating makes this impossible. I am sure that you will be disappointed with this decision but we really have no choice.

We will continue to work within the established guidelines and if possible come up with ways to organise events.