Haven Ports Yacht Club

Haven Series Prizegiving on LV87

On Saturday evening HPYC hosted the Haven Series Dinner and Prizegiving. Unlike the recent EAORA one, the HPYC boats did not shower themselves with total glory. However, one highlight was Des Cowans Eclipse winning Class 2 overall. Class one was won again by Blue Beeste from W&FYC, Kevin Molls Islay did manage one race win over them. In the Passage races, it was Paul Scotts Spirit that did very well for the Club. 

On the downside, it was sad that HPYC could not muster the three boats required to challenge W&FYC for the prestigious Wilkinson Sword Trophy so it remains in Walton.

For 2019 there will be changes; Haven Series is merging with the Combined Clubs River Series to form the new "Haven Combined Clubs Series". This is a trial year in an attempt to raise numbers all around. Watch for more details as they emerge. We certainly need to get some boats entered so as to get that sword hanging in the bar again!