Haven Ports Yacht Club


21st March 2020 - The flag officers have reluctantly had to close the Club down. The actual details will follow when the plan is clearer.


The situation is in a constant state of flux. The Government, Public Health England and indeed the RYA issuing updates at a tremendous rate. Our Commodore has below issued this statement so as to keep you all informed as much as possible where HPYC stands. Future updates may be made on the website (as it is quicker without travel implications) as well as in future newsletters:



I am sure I can speak for us all about the alarming rate and spread of Coronavirus and the impact it is having and going to have on us as a society and of course as a club.
We the Flag officers are very aware that some members are already self-isolating and those with underlying health issues are keeping away.
If you are visiting the club please make sure that you use hand cleanser as provided and if you have been abroad please keep away from the club for two weeks upon your return.
According to the present government guidelines ( 16 March ) and the view of the officers, the club can continue to stay open and will continue on the winter opening hours but this will be revised as deemed necessary.

The Fitting Out Supper on Saturday 28 March is cancelled

Racing is still expected to start in early April, but will be reviewed nearer the time.
Going forward it is likely that any large social event will be postponed or cancelled.

We are in uncharted waters, with no GPS, no chart, and the compass is not working. Can we all be mindful of others, the club is open, but I am aware that this will be constantly reviewed depending on government / health advice.

I hope that you remain healthy and yet remain vigilant, I also hope your boat is nearing its launch date and we can all go sailing, a bit of fresh air and sunshine feels very appealing.

Thank you - Tony Carter –Commodore HPYC

P.S. The above was written at 1100 hours on 16th March, by 1800 it’s all ramped up again, as I am sure you are all aware. We are being advised to avoid pubs and restaurants and large social gatherings. At the moment the club will remain open for you, I know you will all act responsibly. I have called a flag officers meeting Friday, we will review the situation and act on your behalf accordingly.