Haven Ports Yacht Club


Cruising with HPYC

We are a very active and social Club and every year the Club arrange a programme of 10–12 cruises, mainly at weekends.  These cruises are to all the favourite places on the East Coast and sometimes beyond in which case they might be longer.

The cruises are very relaxed and, if you are new to the Club or even new to being afloat, they are a great way to meet fellow enthusiasts and to explore the wonderful cruising area including the East Coast Rivers. 

We usually meet up in the Clubhouse the night before a cruise to chat about where we are going and how we are going to get there.  There is always a lot of helpful advice for members who may be new to the area. 

When we arrive at our cruise destination we usually have drinks on board a pre designated boat and swap yarns about the trip and then we often go out to dinner to the local yacht club or pub.  We may instead have a BBQ or, best of all, a safari supper.

If a longer cruise is organised e.g. the Blackwater Week or to the Channel Islands, Brittany or Holland then boats can dip in or out at various rendezvous as they choose.

There are also some impromptu mid-week cruises that are organised via a WhatsApp group.  Please contact the Rear Commodore Cruising if you would like to be included in this group.

Whether you choose to cruise with other HPYC yachts or on your own the Lightship is a great place to share your stories with likeminded sailors.

Apart from cruising in company some cruisers like to race and in the HPYC programme there are Sunday races in the Spring and Autumn, Wednesday evening races in June and interclub races throughout the Summer aimed at lightly crewed yachts with white sails.  Why not join in and fine tune your sailing skills!