Haven Ports Yacht Club


The Rules of the Haven Ports Yacht Club

1. Name
The name of the Club shall be Haven Ports Yacht Club.

2. Object
The object of the Club is to encourage Yachting on the East Coast and to maintain a Clubhouse. The Club shall be a non-profit-making organisation. All profits or surpluses shall be used to maintain or improve the Club’s facilities, and no profit or surplus shall be distributed

3. Members
(a) Members shall be elected by the Committee. Candidates for membership must complete an application for membership which should be proposed and seconded by Club members.  Their name(s) and boats(s), where applicable, will be posted on the Club Notice Board for seven days at least before election. A candidate shall be elected by a majority of the Committee members via e-mail.

(b) Members aged five and under eleven on 1st February in any year shall be New Wave Cadet Members for that year; members aged eleven and under eighteen on that date shall be Cadet Members; members aged eighteen and under twenty-one on that date shall be Junior Members.

Family Membership shall include children under eleven. (i.e. Family Membership can cover two adults, with or without children, or one adult plus children).

(c) Adult members aged under 25 on 1st February in any year who are singleton members or the first adult of a family group shall be Junior Adult Members for that year. Such members shall have the same rights and obligations as other adult members in all respects, save
that the Club in General Meeting under Rule 8 may fix a lower rate of annual subscription
for them.

(d) The Club may at any General Meeting elect Honorary Members, and Visiting Members of Yacht Clubs outside the area of the Haven Ports may be Honorary Members during their stay within the vicinity of the Club.

(e) No person shall be eligible for full Membership if in the opinion of the Committee their admission to voting membership could give rise to a material conflict of interest. The Committee may grant non-voting Associate Membership upon such terms as it thinks fit to any person so excluded from full Membership.

An Associate Member shall be eligible to apply for full Membership if and when the circumstances giving rise to potential conflict of interest shall have ceased to apply.

(f) Applicants duly proposed and seconded and whose name(s) have been posted on the Club Notice Board for two days at least may be admitted as Temporary Members on the authority of the Honorary Secretary and at least one Flag Officer, subject to Committee ratification and upon such terms and for such period not exceeding six months as the Committee may approve.

(g) Cadet members, Honorary Members, Associate members and Temporary members shall not be entitled to propose or second candidates for membership or office, or to vote at any meeting, save that the committee may in its absolute discretion grant voting and nomination rights to an Honorary member.

(h) Offshore Members pay a reduced subscription rate and shall be:
i. A person who resides permanently abroad
ii. A person who has been a full member for at least two years and who has moved away from his/her permanent residence and is unlikely to use the Club facilities.

This category of membership is granted at the Committee’s discretion.

(i) Event Membership - A person taking part in an organised club event may apply for an event membership. Event membership will afford the use of club facilities and equipment, but will not confer any other rights or privileges. Event membership will be accepted if the appropriate form has been signed by a Flag Officer and the event membership fee paid.

(j) Monday to Friday membership, except Bank Holidays - A person may apply for Monday to Friday membership, except Bank Holidays, this entitles the person to use the Club and its sailing and clubhouse facilities from Monday to Friday (up to 5.00pm) excluding Bank

Applications will be considered from those who:
i. Have an interest in sailing and its related activities;
ii. Do not have a boat permanently berthed in Suffolk Yacht Harbour

This category of membership shall have no voting rights and is granted at the absolute discretion of the Committee

(k) Monday to Friday corporate membership, except Bank Holidays – A company may apply for corporate membership. The corporate member will be entitled to nominate up to six people employed by the same organisation to use the Club and its sailing and clubhouse facilities from Monday to Friday (up to 5.00pm) except Bank Holidays.

Applications will be considered from those who:
i. Have an interest in sailing and its related activities;
ii. Do not have a boat permanently berthed in Suffolk Yacht Harbour
iii. Wish to support the activities of the Club in furthering the sport of sailing.

This category of membership shall have no voting rights and is granted at the absolute discretion of the Committee.

4. Officers and Committee
(a) The following shall be elected annually at a General Meeting of the Club:
i. Commodore, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary, on the nomination of the Committee.
ii. Vice Commodore and Rear Commodores (Social, Sailing, Cruising and House) on the nomination of any three voting Members.
iii. Committee members to the extent of any vacancies arising, on the nomination of any two voting Members.

(b) A Commodore who has completed three consecutive years of service shall retire and shall be ineligible for election to any post of Flag rank until one further year has elapsed.

(c) The Committee shall consist of the Officers and twelve ordinary members of whom three shall be nominated by Suffolk Yacht Harbour Limited and nine shall be elected from among Club Members.

(d) Seven members including at least two Officers shall constitute a quorum for Committee meetings.

(e) Ordinary Committee members shall serve for a maximum of three consecutive years. Retiring Committee members who have served their maximum term shall not be eligible to serve on the Committee (unless as elected Officers) until one year has elapsed, but shall be eligible to serve on Sub-committees.

(f) The Committee shall appoint such Sub-committees as it may consider appropriate, but the sale of alcohol shall be under the control of the Committee.

(g) The Committee and any Sub-committee shall have the power to co-opt from among Club Members.

(h) The Committee may appoint secretarial or administrative staff who shall not by virtue of such appointment be entitled to vote at Committee.

(i) The property and securities of the Club shall be vested in three Club members appointed by the Committee as custodian Trustees upon such terms and conditions as it shall decide. Such Trustees shall be appointed for life save that

i. a Trustee may resign at any time by notice in writing to the Commodore or Honorary Secretary, effective upon receipt of such notice by the proper addressee.
ii. a Trustee shall be deemed to have resigned and shall be ineligible for reappointment upon ceasing to be a Member of the Club.
iii. a Trustee may be removed from office by a resolution of the General Committee ratified by a simple majority of members present and voting at a quorate General Meeting of the Club.

(j) Examiners shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall examine the Accounts and Treasurer’s Report on the state of the Club finances at 30th September in each year and at such other times as they shall think expedient.

(k) For the purposes of this Rule 4 unless the context requires otherwise the word “year” shall mean the period between successive Annual General Meetings and the word “annually” shall be construed accordingly.

5. Indemnity
Trustees, Officers, Committee Members, or any other member requested or authorised by the Committee or an Officer to perform any function or duty for the Club or on its behalf, shall be entitled to be indemnified by the Committee from and against any liability, costs, expenses, payments and losses incurred or made by them in the performance of their function or the exercise of their duties or in relation to any property of the Club vested in them or in relation to any legal proceedings or which otherwise relate directly or indirectly to the performance of their functions or duties, and the Club shall effect and maintain suitable and adequate insurance to support the said indemnity.

6. Club Sections
(a) By resolution of the Committee, the Club may establish specialised Sections to promote and support particular sailing interests or activities. Unless specifically otherwise provided, such Sections shall be open to all Club members sharing the relevant interest without any form of separate membership and shall operate within the Club’s normal financial rules and procedures.

(b) The Committee may where it thinks fit establish the position of Captain of any such Section, and shall specify the method of appointment and period of service of any such Captain.

7. General meetings
(a) The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting during the month of December each year, to receive a Report from the Commodore and the Treasurer’s Report with Examined Accounts.

(b) i. Nominations for officers and committee, duly proposed, seconded (and, where required, supported) shall be received by the secretary at least twenty-eight days before the Annual General Meeting.
ii. Proposals or resolutions to change these Rules shall be made in writing at least twenty-eight days before a General Meeting.

(c) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held, either at the request in writing of the General Committee, or within four weeks of a written request by any twenty members, specifying the purpose of the meeting requested.

(d) Two weeks formal notice of a General Meeting must be given to all members. This notice to include the date, time and place of the meeting and details of any proposal or resolution made under Rules 7(b)(ii) and 7(c).r

(e) The senior Flag Officer present (and, if none, a Member elected by the meeting) will preside over the meeting and thirty Members shall form a quorum. Decision shall be by simple majority except that a change in the Rules or in the Rate of Subscription or Entry Fee shall require a two-thirds majority of Members present and voting.

(f) The Presiding Officer shall at his discretion have power to accept for discussion resolutions (other than those changing Rules, Subscriptions or Entry Fee) of which due notice has not been given and where due notice of any resolution has been given shall accept bona fide amendments of the same.

(g)The Presiding Officer shall have a casting vote and shall have power to interpret the Rules.

8. Subscription and Entry Fees
(a) These shall be fixed from time to time by a General Meeting of the Club and details shall at all times be available to Members on request.

(b) The Committee shall have power to remit all or part of a subscription or entry fee in appropriate cases.

(c) The entry fee and subscription shall be payable immediately on election to the Club and further subscriptions due on 1st February in each succeeding year.

(d) Any Member including Family Members whose subscription or entry fee remains wholly or partly unpaid after two calendar months from its due date shall be suspended from membership and from all its rights and benefits, and shall be so notified by prepaid post sent to his, her or their last recorded address in the Club’s records. In the event that the outstanding amount remains unpaid after a further calendar month the matter shall be reported to the Committee without further reminder and the membership shall be terminated.

The Committee shall have discretion in extenuating circumstances to defer, mitigate or waive the operation of this Rule 8(d). A reminder of the provisions of this Rule shall be included in annual Subscription Notices sent to Members.

(e) Having applied to the General Committee in writing, a member may, at the discretion of the general committee, pay their subscription by six equal instalments. The Member will be required to arrange a standing order with their bankers to make payments to the Club on the first of each month, from 1st February to the 1st July inclusive. Any member, who wishes to benefit from this rule, will be required to pay an additional 10% to their annual subscription. Should a member fail to make a payment on time, their membership shall be immediately suspended. If due payment is then not received within one month, then their membership shall be terminated.

9. By-Laws
The Club in General Meeting or the Committee shall be entitled to make Bylaws for the proper running of the Club within the terms of these Rules. Such By-laws shall be displayed on the Club Notice Board and copies shall be made available to Members on request.

10. The Bar
The Bar shall be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Licensing Authorities. It shall be controlled by the General Committee. Intoxicating liquor shall only be supplied to persons who are over the age of 18 years and who are either members, guests or visitors as defined by the Rules and By-laws of the Club.

11. Resignations, Expulsions and Reinstatements
(a) Any Member wishing to resign from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Secretary and shall pay all subscriptions and outstanding debts to the Club on resignation.

(b) If the conduct of a Member, either in or out of the clubhouse, shall in the opinion of the Committee be such as to justify expulsion from the Club, the Committee may after giving notice to such Member and giving him or her an opportunity to attend before them, and be heard, by resolution expel such Member from membership and thereupon he or she shall forfeit all right in and claim upon the Club and its property. A notice under this Rule shall be held to be duly given if sent by pre-paid post to the address of the Member appearing in the Club’s records.

(c) The Committee shall have power on receiving satisfactory explanation to reinstate as a Member of the Club without payment of entrance fee any person who may have ceased to be a Member under Rule 8 or under this
Rule 1.

12. Charity
The Club has one preferred charity which they will support through their fund raising events, this being "The Harwich Lifeboat"

Rules amended following the Annual General Meeting of the Club on 2nd December 2017.  Amendment to rules 3(a) and 3(f) and addition of rule 12.