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Fishing Competition

> There were only two boats, in the absence of regular winners Geoff Ewington and Kevin Gannon, but all six participants said they had really enjoyed the day, which was both sunnier and less windy than forecast. And all had something to weigh in, although the catch was predominantly whiting and dogfish, with not a cod or codling to be seen.

> Will Harvey, one of the four on Buzz, was the star fisherman of the day winning both the Gazumper Trophy for the best total catch - just over 6 lb - and the prize for the best specimen fish, a dogfish nearly 2 lb.

> Runner up for the specimen prize was Lee Gilson, one of the two competitors on Molly, with a dogfish only slightly smaller. Runner up for the total catch prize was Matt Clark, again only very slightly under Will's total.

> It was good to see six new faces enjoying this long established feature of the club calendar. It would be great to see even more next time.



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