Haven Ports Yacht Club



Under its rules, the club has the power to establish by-laws for the conduct of members, their guests and visitors. HPYC is a private members’ club, and its sales of alcohol are conducted under a Club Certificate rather than a Justice’s Licence. This imposes a number of constraints, which the club is obliged to observe. Please do not be offended if you are asked to comply.

General Rules of Conduct

Members are expected to respect and observe the club’s rules, by-laws and customs. When admitted to other clubs by virtue of their membership of HPYC they are expected to respect such clubs’ rules and customs and to uphold the good name of the club.

Members are expected to behave with courtesy, consideration and integrity and not to act in any way that may discredit the club or bring it into disrepute.

It is the policy of Haven Ports Yacht Club (HPYC) to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults taking part in boating from physical, sexual or emotional harm. HPYC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that, through appropriate procedures and training, children participating in HPYC activities do so in a safe environment. We recognise that the safety and welfare of the child is paramount and that all children, whatever their age, gender, disability, culture, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, social status or sexual identity, have a right to protection from abuse.

Members are responsible for the suitability of any guests they may introduce.

The Clubhouse

ADMISSION to the clubhouse is restricted to members, their guests, and bona-fide visiting yachtsmen. Guests must be signed in on each occasion by the introducing member. The term “guest” includes members’ crew, friends or relatives, unless they are themselves members. No person may visit as a guest on more than six days in any one year, even as the guest of different members. Visitors must sign in on each occasion under the name of their home club. If staying more than two weeks or visiting repeatedly, they may be asked to apply for temporary membership.

Suffolk Yacht Harbour berth-holders who are not members do not qualify as visitors, even if they are members of another club, and may only be admitted as guests, subject to the six-
occasion limit, and must be signed in by a member.

THE DRESS CODE is generally informal but gentlemen should remove headgear while in the clubhouse, except on the outer decks.

Bare feet or bare chests are not acceptable. Lifejackets, oilskins, wet outer garments, oily or dirty footwear or work clothes or other inappropriate gear may not be worn or brought into the clubhouse. Hooks are provided for these on the starboard side-deck, or below-decks near
the toilets.

CHILDREN are welcome in the clubhouse, under the responsibility and control of their parents or carers. For their own safety and to avoid annoyance to others, unsupervised or unruly children may not be permitted to stay.

No person under the age of 18 may consume alcohol on the club premises or at any club function.

Apart from working guide dogs, DOGS (or other animals) are not allowed in the clubhouse. Dogs may be tethered on the starboard side deck.